Deep Patrons help kids write and publish their first stories.

“When you teach kids how to tell stories, they have a better chance at everything.”—Sherman Alexie

Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli all had patrons who helped them get their start. And now, with your help, deserving young people in Savannah, Georgia can have patrons, too. Deep’s Patrons make a monthly or annual gift to support young writers at a time when they need it most—middle school. You can inspire excellence. You can be a patron.

Choose a way to give

By check: Mail a check to the Deep Center at PO Box 5582 Savannah, GA 31414

Give online: You’ll be prompted to select your gift and frequency. $12 a month sponsors a scholarship for one kid

Click here to give online.

Sign up and get a free gift!

Just for signing up to be a Patron, you’ll get a Deep window decal to put on your car or anywhere.Just for signing up, you'll get a Deep window decal to put on your car or anywhere.

Sponsor one scholarship ($12/mo or $144/yr), and you’ll ALSO get a free book!If you sponsor one scholarship ($12/month), you'll get a free book!

 Sponsor scholarships ($24/mo or $288/yr), and you’ll ALSO get the latest set of (4) books!If you sponsor at two three scholarships ($24/month), you'll get the latest set of (4) books!

Sponsor three scholarships ($36/month or $532/year), and you’ll ALSO choose an original print by our cover artist, YoungJu Kim.If you sponsor at least three scholarships ($36/month), you'll get an original print by our cover artist, YounJu Kim.

Deep provides every Young Author Scholarship  at absolutely no cost to the kids, parents,or schools. Your gift can bring this award-winning program to these talented young authors.

How it works:
The Deep Center recruits and trains local writers to provide first-class writing instruction at our award-winning Young Author Project, meeting once per week for three months. Teachers at our Partner Schools select twelve scholarship recipients from their students based on demonstrated need, capping each workshop at 14 students to ensure a low student-mentor ratio. At the end of the semester, Deep publishes the students’ best work and holds a public book launch and reading event downtown, where a few of our young authors get a chance to read in front of an audience of more than 500 community members or to be featured on our video story archive at Deep’s Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Deep Patron?

Being a “Deep Patron” means making a recurring gift (either monthly or annually). Even a small recurring gift is ver powerful and truly makes you a patron of the arts! Just $12/month (or $144/year) is all it costs to put one kid through the entire semester-long workshop series (including publication!).

How is the money spent?

Your gifts provide scholarships to the Deep after-school writing program. Scholarships fund classroom materials, anthology publication, curriculum development, and (most importantly) rigorous training and continued support for the Writing Fellows, who mentor the kids every week. Click here to learn more about where the money goes.

Do I have to do recurring monthly gifts? What if I just donate once?

Deep Patrons make a recurring online gift, but if you make a one-time donation, we appreciate that support, too, of course! Monthly or yearly gifts benefit both you and Deep; they’re easy and affordable for you, and they provide the Deep program with stable, regular income that helps us recruit our students earlier and plan our workshops more effectively.

Do you really need my help?

YES! We absolutely need your help! As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of our community members to make this mission happen. You patronage means that one more student will get to tell his story. Being a Deep Patron doesn’t take a lot of money, but it does make a big difference in a young person’s life.

How do I cancel?

It’s easy! Just email and we’ll cancel your subscription within a week. Or, click go to your confirmation email to click and manager your subscription, and just select “unsubscribe.” (But please don’t!)

Thank you to all of our generous supporters—our patrons and our investors!


Deep Pa•tron /dēpˈpātrən/ n. 1 [Formal] a citizen who believes in our youth, particularly the youth of Savannah, Georgia, and esp. one who signs up to sponsor a scholarship to Deep’s Young Author Project in our local public schools (see PHILANTHROPE) 2 [Informal] a generous person who invests in Savannah’s most precious commodity: our youth 3 [Slang] Believer

Our Patrons

Alexander Rothmeier
Ashely O’Brien
Barbara Getz
Ben Goggins
Benjamin Wood
Brianne Turgeon
Catherine Killingsworth
Chad Faries
Christian Petersen
Elizabeth Killingsworth
Emmett Wood
Eric Kildebeck
Gerry M. Morgan
Helen Bradley
Janice Wrenn
Jean Patania
Joanna Dasher
Joel Rosenstock
Jordan Chase
Julie Wade
Kenneth Botsford
Leslie Hyman
Lily Rothman
Lisa Wood
Lisa Yount
Matthew Harrell
Michael Valentine
Mimi Cay
Paul Selker
Phil Keeling
Roland Summers
Sophie Pauze
Susan Briss
Scott Killingsworth
Virginia Blankenship
Zach Powers



2012-13 Platinum Investors ($10,000 and above)

Flying Horse Foundation (Bill & Nina Weil)

2012-13 Gold Investors ($1,000-$9,999)

George Flanagan
Hodge Foundation
Gardner Family Foundation
Target Foundation
Grant Winthrop
Hancock Family Foundation
Howard Morrison
Turner Ratrie
Pat & Scott Killingsworth
Theodora Gongaware

2012-13 Silver Investors ($100-$999)

Margaret Minis
Mark Dye
John Sweet
Park Callahan
William F. Meriwether
Daniel Suweyn
Drew Wade
Karen Wagner
KPM Flooring
Slappy and Sadd, LLC
Arnold Tenenbaum
Carla Rosenthal
Teddy Gongaware
Ashley O’Brien
Alice Steyaart
Benjamin Cooke
Bruce Rado
Elfrida Moore
Joan Varney
John West
Laura Chandhok
Laurence Dunn
Leslie Hyman
Lori Pitt
Paul Meyer
Peter Calder
Tom Kohler
Zach Powers
Guillermo & Debbie Rivera
Emmett Wood

Support is also provided by the following program sponsors and partners:


Deep Center, Inc.
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